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Crossmedia and Information Consumption

The Media and Communication sector is undergoing profound transformations in its business model, driven by the emergence of new platforms, as well as changes in communication patterns and audience behavior.

Today’s tech-savvy audience dictates the rules of when, where, and how they consume content.

With these changes comes the need to invest in digital transformation. Smart solutions are vital to optimize productivity, expand campaign reach, understand consumer behavior, and accelerate dissemination.

Companies in this sector need to reinvent themselves to meet market demands for new digital formats and delivery models.


Briteris develops platforms with Globo, the largest television network in Latin America

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With the possibilities of creating online and interactive content, the sector faces the need to develop high-performance platforms, personalized services, and, above all, the technical knowledge for migration and operation of applications and data in the cloud.

Your Transformation Journey with Briteris

Briteris has been contributing to innovation in major media companies, offering solutions that enhance efficiency and customer relations. Our solutions include:

Mobile App Development

Apps to strengthen the relationship with agencies and advertisers.

Integrated Reporting Platforms

Tools that combine sales and marketing data for a complete view of the business.

Integration between Systems and CRM

Connecting various platforms for more effective information management.

Behavioral Analysis with AI and ML

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to better understand audience behavior.

Big Data in Social Networks

Advanced analysis of audience interactions with your brand on social platforms.

By investing in our customized solutions, your company gains agility and efficiency in a competitive market.
We are technology experts and understand the specific challenges of the media and communication industry. Our solutions are designed to solve your most pressing problems.

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