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Challenges in the Digital Transformation of the Banking Industry

The buzzword is disruption. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the global banking sector has entered a new era. We’re not just talking about fintechs or fully digital banks; even traditional banks need to transform into technology-driven organizations.

As customer expectations evolve, banks face the demand to innovate their technology investments and business processes. That’s why our approach is based on concrete results, and we recognize that success is inherently tied to tangible outcomes, not just processes.

Technology becomes not only relevant but also essential for success. Adapting or stagnating—this is the reality banks face today.

Your Transformation Journey with Briteris

Briteris offers a comprehensive set of solutions for companies in the banking sector, empowering them to thrive in this era of transformation.

Here are the key solutions we can bring to companies in this segment:

Data for Open Finance

Transform data into strategic insights to improve decision-making and anticipate customer needs with GEN AI.

Cloud & Development Services

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud to optimize operations and efficiently launch new services.

Customer Experience Transformation

Create memorable journeys for your customers by seamlessly connecting physical and digital environments to deliver a tailored and frictionless experience.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Protect customer data integrity and remain compliant with stringent regulations.

Need for Constant Innovation

Achieve CAPEX predictability by delivering projects with clear start, middle, and end stages designed for scalability and cost reduction. Also, stay on top of the time-to-market with product and service launches through hypothesis validation and A/B testing.

Technical Expertise Gap

Rely on highly dedicated professionals and experts in various areas such as ideation, product design, analytics, and FinOpps, all part of our Studios.

Costs, Performance, and ROI

Our AI-powered Gen platform, with high-performance development team orchestration and management, uses specific frameworks and accelerators tailored to the financial market.

Banking Services Showcase

Banking services integrated with leading Banking & Payments as a Service platforms. Your online bank in an instant!

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