We’re made of people.
People who make things happen!

Think for a moment on these statements:

“We are a tech company. However, before that, we are a people-oriented corporation. We are the individuals who make things happen!”

“We are deeply passionate about technology and firmly believe that the excellence is the result of our technical and behavioral quality. Therefore, we invest in the growth and development of our people!”

Our business model is based on the People Centric culture – focused on the care of individuals, combined with the Anywhere and Together movement, a paradigm that allows our employees to work from any location in the country without losing the genuine connection between people, work, culture, and business.

The role of Information Technology is to make information accessible and available in a correct and secure manner in the shortest possible time.

In this scenario, BRITERIS reaffirms its unwavering commitment towards its clients, colleagues, partners, authorities, and the market, as well as society at large. These stakeholders place their trust in the company’s high standards of reliability. This trust is a critical prerequisite for sustained survival in an intensely competitive market.

BRITERIS’ Code of Ethics and Conduct extends far beyond a rudimentary “guidebook.” It should be perceived as a compass that guides our daily actions.

This Code should serve as a reference point for decision-making in any sphere.

The words contained within this Code should take root in each of us, blending with our personal identity, transforming our actions into an inspiring example for others, making BRITERIS a benchmark company, not only in the Technology Market but for all of us!

Our Identity

Our talents are our most significant asset.

This is how we define our mission:

To provide IT services with unparalleled quality and distinctive customer service, endeavoring to forge genuine and enduring bonds with our clients, colleagues, and partners, while perpetually committed to the company’s results.

We don’t just reflect on our past achievements, but primarily envision a near future. In this future, businesses that stay alert to their environment, commit to goals beyond mere results, and passionately strive to contribute value to society, will stand out. Society demands transparency and integrity from us in our operations, accurate information sharing, and ethical interactions with our employees, the market, and all our associates.

Through this perspective, we must strive to translate our core values into routine actions, firmly convinced that these deeds lay the groundwork for all other principles listed in this Code. We understand that our actions today will shape our success tomorrow.

We strive to uphold the principles of transparency and ethics in all business conducted here, rejecting any processes that could result in a conflict of interests. For this purpose, we have established internal controls that ensure the separation of duties, the privacy and confidentiality of information, and the ethical conduct of all our business representatives.

Subsequently, we outline how we build our relationships, define the BRITERIS standard of Conduct and Ethics, and highlight what is considered unacceptable.


It is imperative that everyone comprehends our mission:

Our commitment to addressing your Information Technology challenges.

This goal ought to guide our actions towards our clients and, henceforth, we have a mission to accomplish.

In order to fulfill this, it is essential that we establish the primary guidelines for our relationship with our clients.


Courtesy and respect serve as the fundamental guideline for every topic discussed.

All information disclosed must be unequivocally accurate, clear, and prompt.

Proactive identification of needs and potential operational risks in all executed activities.

Relationships are to be professional, impartial, and technically proficient.

Safeguarding information, whether corporate or personal, confidential or not, is essential for our clients. This information, used solely for commercial purposes or due to legal requirements, needs to be in capable hands. Our clients must be assured that their data will be maintained with the utmost privacy.

Not Acceptable

The imposition of personal opinion or interest above the rights or interests of our clients.

Any behavior that clearly harms the relationship between the company and its clients.

Providing paid services of a personal nature, of any kind, to BRITERIS’ clients.

Any prejudiced or discriminatory comments made privately or publicly within the environment of BRITERIS or the clients.

Markets and Competitors


Disclose to the market strictly fundamental and technical information. All information disclosed shall be previously authorized by BRITERIS management.

We are aware of the impacts that the spread of rumors or uncertain information can have on the market, therefore, we safeguard market information. Similarly, our competitors are special and fundamental agents for the healthy growth of BRITERIS in the market.

Contribute to the growth and enhancement of markets, as well as to the continuous development of the principles and structures of such markets.

Fair competition is vital for the sustainable growth of the market in which we operate. Therefore, we respect our competitors, striving to establish healthy, fair, and loyal competition, supported not only by applicable legislation but also by good market and competition practices, and upheld by the deepest principles of ethical conduct.


BRITERIS’s supplier selection policy involves considering fair and objective criteria, along with technical specifications and full compliance with risk management practices for service provision. In addition, we consider potential connections with other company associates to avoid any conflicts of interest.


We hire suppliers who add value to our company and who arealigned with our strategic goals.

Not Acceptable

Hiring suppliers for personal interests.

Our suppliers speaking or acting on behalf of BRITERIS, except when they are acting as end service providers and are authorized to do so.

Governmental and Regulatory Bodies

Our relationship with Entities, Government Bodies, and Regulators, established through formal agreements, or in response to legal demands, is governed by principles of transparency and ethics, ensuring the management of this relationship in a fair and professional manner.


Our employees are required to interact with representatives of public bodies, including the Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, and Public Prosecution Office, in a transparent manner, always adhering to the ethical principles established in this Code.

We have adopted strict controls over our processes, including those related to the Anti-Corruption Strategies and the Prevention of Money Laundering.

We do not prohibit personal opinions about governmental entities or political matters. However, official company communication channels and tools should not be used for disseminating these opinions.

We do not have political position and we support any actions which promote the social wellbeing and sustainable development of our society.

Not Acceptable

Any form of favoritism or privilege to public officials due to their role. We should always strive to maintain ethics in matters involving the organization and the government, at all levels.

Community and Environment.

Nowadays, companies should not only be focused on the business segment in which they participate.

Much more than seeking profit, institutions should be aware of the significant social role they play in society.

This role stems from understanding corporate sustainability, establishing an ethical commitment, and creating values for an audience that extends beyond those with whom the company directly interacts.


We aim to support initiatives focused on fostering and promoting citizenship through sustainable development in all areas where our organization is present, advocating for principles of social justice and human rights.

We encourage our employees to establish voluntary and cooperative community actions in their spare time.

We promote the responsible use of natural resources, as a means to contribute to public health and quality of life.

Not Acceptable

The exploitation of people through labor, particularly child labor.

Any actions that degrade the environment.

Interpersonal Relationship

BRITERIS also encourages a balance between social and professional life, between work and family, in order to achieve personal and professional well-being.

We also promote initiatives for the preservation of physical and moral integrity, health and safety at work, as well as combating chemical and alcohol dependency.


Treat others as we would like to be treated.

Regardless of hierarchical positions, those who take responsibility for their actions stand out, as well as those willing to learn from their own mistakes, recognizing them and not repeating them.

We encourage the practice of mutual respect, active cooperation, and diligence, as we believe this will enable BRITERIS to offer increasingly competitive products and services.

Those who consistently provide fair and equal treatment, being responsible in their evaluations and considering the consequences of their actions, earn the group’s trust.

Not Acceptable

An individualistic stance to the detriment of the team.

That fear of error, intimidation, and mistrust should prevail in our workplace.

Any practice of moral or sexual harassment, which embarrasses, humiliates, and destroys personal self-esteem and organizational cohesion. In this regard, we highlight some condemnable behaviors for imposing authority or obtaining advantages, through the hierarchical power conferred by the Company, towards subordinates and peers:

  • Public disqualification, threat, and offense.
  • Disrespect for functional duties.
  • Presenting colleagues’ work or ideas without giving them due credit.
  • Demanding personal services unless it’s part of their job function.
  • Sexually or morally harassing employees, clients, or suppliers.

Professional Stance


Every professional associated with BRITERIS must safeguard the company’s name, ensuring strict compliance with our values. Any indications of actions that could potentially harm the reputation or image of our institution should be communicated through the Reporting Channel, to the immediate superior, to the Human Resources (People) department, or even to the Officers of Briteris, who always keep their doors open.

Our employees must be aware of and comply with the provisions contained in the laws, policies, and internal regulations. They should observe market practices and applicable prudential criteria, as well as uphold the principles of integrity and good faith.

Implement activities to the highest quality and professional standards, constantly seeking opportunities to improve our processes. This contributes to the ongoing improvement of our business and aligns with BRITERIS’ strategic positioning.

Do not take as personal attacks any form of constructive criticism, feedback, guidance on institutional or market policies, and requests for changes in behavior and attitude.

Act with integrity of character, honesty, righteousness, loyalty, and justice, always choosing, when faced with multiple options, the one that is best and most beneficial for BRITERIS and society.

Knowledge of any potential violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct guidelines requires an immediate report to the Reporting Channel, or to the immediate superior, the Officers, or any member of the BRITERIS Ethics and Conduct Committee.

Gifts and presents received by employees that exceed the value of US$ 100 (one hundred American dollars) must be immediately reported in writing to the People department, reflecting the principle of transparency in professional relationships. Such material goods will be donated to a legally established social entity, with evidence of the donation.

Not Acceptable

Any act of discrimination against individuals based on sex, ethnicity, color, race, religion, social class, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, or any other physical or ideological attribute.

Conflict of Interests

An impeccable conduct from our employees in their involvement with the company’s business, safeguarding its assets and those of our clients, and preserving our personal and professional integrity is the foundation for eliminating situations that may create conflict between organizational and personal interests. This solidifies the image of a company built and led by top-tier professionals.


The trust our clients place in our institution should mirror the trust we have in our employees. Therefore, BRITERIS provides full support to employees who point out situations that may represent potential conflicts of interest. We have established an independent and specialized Reporting Channel to ensure complete impartiality. This channel receives anonymous reports and ensures effective and confidential treatment.

We do not want anyone to perceive any favoritism in our relationships. That is why we ask our employees to seek formal authorization from BRITERIS management before establishing any business relationships with companies or individuals with whom they have direct or indirect ties.

Any hiring of professionals who have a degree of kinship or friendship with other company employees will follow technical criteria for admission, undergoing a selection process equitable to other candidates. The HR department may also request prior authorization from the company’s officers for the candidate’s participation in the selection process.

We must be impartial; therefore, it is the duty of each individual to refrain from personal business relationships with clients or suppliers, except for transactions carried out under usual market conditions.

In the event of any suspicion of a conflict of interest or its actual occurrence, it is the employee’s duty to report it immediately through the available channels, especially by activating the Reporting Channel.

Not Acceptable

Engage in actions that could generate personal benefits or undue advantages for others.

To maintain business relations with third parties operating in the same sector as BRITERIS and/or its clients, the employee may potentially engender conflicts of interest, exploit confidential information, and breach secrecy.

Any employee who, being aware of a conflict of interest, remains silent and does not report through the established channels.

Information Security

We consider information to be all types of knowledge, recorded in its various forms, whether derived from customer data and company strategies, or from the market. This definition makes information one of BRITERIS’ main assets and it is closely related to our strategic management. Therefore, information must be properly handled, protected, and disclosed. It is both the raw material and the work output with which the company operates, and it represents our assets.

BRITERIS adopts several controls and security measures but understands that the main agent of information security is our people. This includes service providers, managers, employees, officers, partners, associates, or any other professional who has access to BRITERIS and to our clients’ information.

Agents are required to demonstrate the highest level of commitment in understanding the concepts of confidentiality and applying them to their daily routine.


We ensure the highest degree of information security for our business, customers, staff, and market, through controls, policies, training, and tools that assist us in this important process. These include system access control, role segregation, multi-factor authentication, active device monitoring, and data encryption.

All data originating from clients, partners, suppliers, and third parties are considered confidential and subject to the strictest controls of storage and disclosure set forth in our information security policies.

We limit access to sensitive, confidential, and personal information, considering the impacts that its misuse can cause. We maintain this information in secrecy as it represents a significant asset for BRITERIS and its clients, partners, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

Not Acceptable

Manipulate or use information about BRITERIS’ business or strategies, its clients, or commercial partners, aiming for personal benefits and consequent harm to others – considered a very serious offense.

The misuse or improper disclosure of information, known as the leakage of confidential or privileged information, that can potentially impact the company’s business.

Violating the principles of intellectual property by use for personal purposes or passing onto third parties: brands, technologies, methodologies, or any information owned by the company, even if obtained or developed by the employee in his/her workplace.

The non-compliance with the Information Security and Data Privacy policies at BRITERIS, under any excuse.

Reporting Channel

The Reporting Channel is a mechanism for reporting, either anonymously or not, any inappropriate conduct or suspicions of such conduct.

The Reporting Channel, established by BRITERIS, provides employees, business partners, and the market a way to inform the company about potential violations of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, other policies, or even about inappropriate conduct by employees or third parties acting on behalf of the company.

Reporting is crucial for the company’s success, in addition to being an expected and valued behavior.

Ethics and Conduct Committee

The Ethics and Conduct Committee at BRITERIS aims to implement and ensure compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as review them and make them a part of all environments within the company.

The Ethics and Conduct Committee is responsible for maintaining compliance with the entire content of this Code, determining actions for its dissemination, updating, and enforcement, in order to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency.