Business Hacking
21 Nov 22 3 min reading
Business Hacking
21 Nov 22 3 min reading
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Talent Management is key to Business Agility

Business Agility is a concept widely discussed within organizations that is actually possible only with effective Talent Management strategies.

The search for methods to accelerate organizational results based on agile approaches has been a consistent factor in the organizations.

Businesses have to constantly learn and transform their learnings into results. To achieve that, they need talented and skilled people who are passionate for their work.

Business agility includes some organizational capabilities that are key for its success:

  1. Deliver fast and responsively (Agile Delivery)
  2. Innovate and disrupt (Product Innovation)
  3. Adapt organization and culture (Organizational Adaptability)
  4. Lead through complexity (Effective Leadership)

Business Agility allows organizations to realize and respond to the ever-evolving market’s needs, quickly adapt their internal structures and flows of work to take advantage of new opportunities and deliver innovative products and services that delight and thrill their customers.

This all requires visionary leaders who stay objective and focused on results and enable people to act when necessary and make more assertive decisions.

When we talk about effective leadership, we want to emphasize that leadership teams that manage talents to enable the organizational competencies to deliver high added-value products and services.

The organizational agility has to do with the entire organization benefiting from agile methods to solve problems and create opportunities and value.

To achieve that, all areas in the organization must work systematically, converging toward a common goal.

Business Value is the reliable delivery of customer usefulness. Business Agility may only be possible and beneficial when guided by Business Value!

For an organization to be able to work based on a continuous and systematic learning and value-oriented culture, it needs a set of combined and interactive elements that will actually make business agility works:

Talents are intentionally in the center of the chart because we believe that Talent Management is key to business agility!

A good management enables the right people, at the right time, with the right skills and using the right technologies that actually generate good results.

What’s Talent Management?

Talents are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied.

The higher the talent, the higher the chance of generating results with it.

Identifying your talents is the first step towards an efficient Talent Management.

You need to understand the meaning of talent and which ones you have.

To leverage your talents, you need to know how to use them and the characteristics of each of them. Accordingly, you will understand the impact of your talents on your results.

The true transformation happens when new choices are converted into successes and a talent is converted into a strength.

Strength is the result of consistently applying your talents and produce results!

In addition to bringing these strengths into the organizational context, to exponentialize results, a business must have a combination of the best talents for each configuration of problems.

After mapping, identifying and sharing the organization’s talents, it’s necessary to invest in the development of new competencies through qualification, mentoring, coaching, and training.

It’s important to remember that Talent Management also includes having the best talents and creating a proper environment for them to develop.

The formula to create an incredible business, developed by Mr. Luiz Parzianello, is a model that explains the relationship between culture, people, processes, and technologies and the organizational growth.

An organization must focus on evolving its culture to engage people through their experiences and acquired knowledge with the objective of delighting customers.

The culture reflects how the organization behaves, in practice. To enable a cultural change to promote agility in businesses, the organization has to invest in the development of new skills, both in people and in the organization itself.

Combining talents with a common goal boosts effective decision making and minimize possible organizational wastes.

A management that understands the whole context and focuses on creating an environment where people do more of what they do better, on a collaborative way, creates an ever-evolving environment with less operational dependencies.

Accordingly, to create value in the organizations, they need to focus on the right talents and continuously develop their talents’ skills.

A value-oriented organization is only possible with systematic work, where the whole is the product of the relationships among all parties. To improve these relationships, whether among areas, people or systems, it’s necessary to develop systematic management competencies. And that’s only possible by investing in Talent Management.

Briteris is a people-centric company that recognizes the value of its employees and focuses on Talent Management.

Accordingly, we create conditions that enable the best combination of talents to solve problems and meet your customers’ needs, providing the real business agility.

An efficient Talent Management strategy involves the development of high-performing teams. Would you like to know how to transform your workforce into a high-performing team? Get in contact with our experts!

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