Business Hacking
21 Nov 22 1 min reading
Business Hacking
21 Nov 22 1 min reading
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Starting to build a DevOps culture? Here are the key points for a successful journey

Most companies in the IT management and system development segment recognize that the DevOps culture is one of the industry’s most promising practices and a trend to keep an eye on. No wonder specialists estimate that the DevOps market will reach USD 12.85 billion by 2025, according to a forecast by Grand View Research.

What are the main drivers to adopt DevOps in the system development segment? The answer is in the ability to combine the Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) fronts in agile, structured and simple projects, even when the management model is based on rigid and bureaucratic rules. This approach enables the implementation of new ways of working based on the collaboration across teams and on the diverse activities and professionals involved. It is about sharing responsibilities, automating workflows, boosting productivity and seeking an improved shared performance.

Implementing a DevOps culture is a journey that requires continuous, incremental improvement. With that in mind, organizations must be attentive to what’s behind the concept. That’s where the CALMS framework fits:

  • Culture: The three pillars of the DevOps culture (communication, collaboration, and integration)
  • Automation: Automate as many processes as possible
  • Lean: Have a lean mindset with focus on what’s important and on delivering value
  • Measurement: Importance of measuring all stages and evaluate progress and bottlenecks
  • Sharing: Share information

This set of practices concentrates the main guidelines for the implementation of DevOps. Based on it, companies can analyze their level of maturity and, therefore, adjust processes to their internal structures and reach the best possible results. That is, by applying CALMS, they can seek, identify and establish the point where they are and their needs and priorities to transform the way they work and, accordingly, build skilled multidisciplinary teams.

Additionally, to be prepared to embark on this transformation journey, it’s important to have teams based on expertise and strategy.

Briteris has a certified team and a methodology divided into four stages to take the DevOps culture to your team, with focus on usability and scalability. We combine processes and tools to accelerate this implementation and ensure the success of your company’s products.

DevOps Services in four stages


  • Understanding the scenario;
  • Analyzing the environment;
  • Interviews to detail the process;
  • Proof of concept .


  • Tools installation and configuration;
  • Implementation follow-up.


  • Building of pipelines;
  • Database and infrastructure as a code.


  • Follow-up and monitoring;
  • Continuous improvement.

Learn more about our solutions for DevOps here .

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