Data | IA and Cloud
21 Nov 22 2 min reading
Data | IA and Cloud
21 Nov 22 2 min reading
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Simplifying Data Analytics: How can Self-Service Analytics Benefit your Business?

Data analytics has become an essential tool for organizations across all industries. Companies can collect and monitor indicators that help them expand their knowledge of the business, make timely strategic decisions, measure performance, improve processes, and predict business growth.

Businesses seek new data analytics technologies that meet their needs, add efficiency and competitiveness, while providing a positive end-user experience.

That’s where Self-Service Analytics fits. Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, such as Power BI, Tableau or Qlik Sense, provide users (and not only developers) with the possibility of generating reports on their own. And that’s possible even for users without great technological and statistical knowledge.

How is that possible? Because Self-Service Analytics combines the benefits of data organization and governance with state-of-the-art and easy-to-use BI tools. Accordingly, users find a practical visual interface and a simplified approach to facilitate the understanding and the direct access to data. That helps them achieve results more efficiently.

An example is the University of Michigan Medical School that, after implementing a Self-Service Analytics platform solution, saved more than 5,000 working hours in 4 different projects in 1 year only!

Following are the main advantages of the Self-Service Analytics platform for your business. Check it out:

Democratize data

With Self-Service Analytics, companies can integrate and aggregate data of all departments, in addition to having full control of statistics in a single consultation, what improves – significantly – data visualization. Additionally, by empowering professionals to conduct their own data analyses as part of their daily activities, the company can drive a change in the organizational behavior towards a data-driven culture and, consequently, achieve higher productivity and new ways of doing businesses.

Get more insights for the business areas

Without depending on reports that can take too long to become available and conflicting data that affect decision making, the tool provides business areas with prompt and simplified access to data. In practical terms, this translates into agility and a broader view of the business, helping achieve the business goals.

A “single source of truth”

Data centralization is pivotal to avoid inconsistent versions and data silos within the companies. For this reason, before implementing a Self-Service Analytics system, it’s necessary to integrate data in the platform. With that, data manipulation and customization are much more accessible for end users, who can explore, analyze and report the available data and automate processes.

Teams focusing on high-value projects

By using self-service tools to analyze data, teams can focus on high-value, long-term projects as self-service systems help them explore data and generate reports faster, in addition to reducing tasks and optimizing their time.

Self-Service Analytics requires partnership and strategy

To build an operation based on self-service analytics platforms, all areas in the company need to work in synergy with the IT area and with its partners and suppliers of technological solutions, such as Briteris. The platform implementation projects collect and transform data following good practices that deliver solutions that facilitate your daily tasks, in addition to empowering organizations to make timely strategic decisions. As users feel comfortable with the platform and their data needs are met, companies realize the successful implementation of Self-Service Analytics and the positive impacts for their businesses.

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