privacy by design
Application Managed Services
28 Aug 23 4 min reading
privacy by design
Application Managed Services
28 Aug 23 4 min reading
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Privacy By Design: From Concept to Application

First and foremost, Privacy By Design (PbD) is not just a concept. It is an approach to ensure privacy and the protection of personal data from the very beginning, applied throughout the data’s lifecycle. 

Privacy By Design is not just about technology. It’s about business, operations, infrastructure, and design. 

What is Privacy by Design? 

In short, Privacy by Design is a framework that arose from the vision of ensuring privacy from the early stages of any project. 

First introduced in Canada in the 1990s, it was Dr. Ann Cavoukian who catapulted the term onto the global stage. 

Since then, the concept has been swiftly adopted and has become a globally recognized standard, particularly after the adoption of regulations like the GDPR in Europe and the LGPD in Brazil. 

Therefore, protecting them is more than an ethical matter; it’s a business necessity. Privacy by Design is not just a way to avoid penalties. 

This is an approach to building and nurturing trust. The main focus is that companies should treat privacy and data protection as integral and fundamental components of their practices and actions. 

What does it mean for businesses? 

Consequently, the implementation of “Privacy by Design” puts new responsibilities in the hands of businesses. 

In this way, control over data becomes more oriented towards the data subject, who now has more decision-making power over how their information is handled. 

For this reason, privacy is no longer just a mere formality or a secondary issue. It is central and must be integrated into all business practices. 

The Seven Principles of Privacy By Design 

First, it’s essential to note that Privacy by Design is based on seven core principles. 

These principles, developed by Dr. Ann Cavoukian, essentially offer a balanced approach to privacy while leaving room for innovation. 

  • Proactive, not Reactive; Preventive, not Remedial 

Companies should be proactive in their approach to privacy. This means anticipating and preventing privacy issues before they arise, not just remedying them afterward. 

  • Privacy as the Default Setting 

Privacy must be integrated into the default settings of all systems and practices. So, the user takes no additional steps; privacy is guaranteed ‘by default.’ 

  • Privacy Embedded into Design 

Privacy should be intrinsic to the design and architecture of systems and business practices, avoiding being merely an add-on. Thus, it is present from the start of the project. 

  • Full Functionality – Positive Sum, not Zero Sum 

It’s crucial that privacy and other functions, like security and performance, coexist harmoniously. Privacy should not compromise functionality, favoring a ‘positive sum’ instead of ‘zero sum.’ 

  • End-to-End Lifecycle – Data Protection from Start to Finish 

Companies need to ensure data protection from collection to the end of its lifecycle. This includes secure stages of maintenance, use, sharing, and data disposal. 

  • Visibility and Transparency 

This focus on clarity gives users confidence in the handling of their personal data. 

  • Respect for User Privacy 

User interests are paramount. Therefore, companies should provide options, notifications, access rights, and other tools for users to exercise their privacy rights. 

These seven principles form the foundation of “Privacy by Design,” showing companies how to effectively incorporate, operate, and manage privacy in their operations. By following them, companies position themselves in respecting user privacy and in meeting regulatory standards. 

Implementing Privacy by Design 

However, implementation is not a straightforward process. That’s why Briteris is the ideal partner to guide businesses through this transition. 

For this process to be executed correctly, several steps are necessary: 

  • Assessment and Planning: The assessment is the first step. Understanding an organization’s data is crucial. This way, we can plan its protection, ensuring secure information from the start. 
  • Team Engagement: Privacy is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, from management to developers, everyone needs to understand its value. Hence, continuous training is essential, keeping the team focused on protecting data. 
  • Technology and Tools: Selecting the right tools is vital. You must choose modern software aligned with “Privacy by Design”. They ensure data protection and respect privacy at every stage. 
  • Continuous Monitoring: Privacy is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, continuous monitoring is crucial. It helps to efficiently identify and correct flaws. 

How can Briteris help? 

Briteris is a leader in digital solutions. We are at the forefront of the “Privacy by Design” implementation. 

We recognize the inherent complexity of the process and, to ensure meticulous execution, we have assembled an interdisciplinary team of professionals in Product Design, Product Management, and Solutions Engineering. 

Together, we focus on the comprehensive design of products that prioritize privacy from the beginning. 

With our specialized team, we offer: 

  • Deep system assessments by specialized architects to identify improvements. 
  • A focus on quality, performance optimization, robust security, cost reduction, and code standardization. 
  • Integration of specialists into your company’s technology teams. 
  • Strategic support in defining and implementing solution architecture. 


In conclusion, ‘Privacy by Design’ is shaping the future of data protection. After all, organizations that adopt this concept not only avoid penalties but also establish trust and ensure a safer digital environment. 

With partners like Briteris, this transition is smoother and more effective. Get in touch to learn how we can help your business on this journey. 


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