power bi consultancy
Data | IA and Cloud
18 Sep 23 3 min reading
power bi consultancy
Data | IA and Cloud
18 Sep 23 3 min reading
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Investing in Data Analytics: Why Hire a Power BI Consultancy?

Opting for a Power BI consultancy has become a strategic differentiator for companies seeking to maximize their insights from data.
This is because living in a data-driven world is no longer a choice but a reality.

Companies worldwide are realizing the potential that data analytics offers.

However, having the best technologies is not enough. It is essential to invest in technical skills to analyze this data.

In many cases, it becomes more practical to outsource these services, allowing experts to conduct training and prepare the technological environment for effective data analysis, following best market practices.

Moreover, in addition to the need for qualification, there is the challenge of managing an increasing volume of data.

The Growing Importance of Data Analytics

The digital age has brought an explosion of data. Consequently, Data Analytics has become the center of business strategies.

After all, what isn’t measured isn’t managed.

Decisions based on intuition are quite risky because they don’t reflect reality. Companies are increasingly relying on precise analytics to guide their strategies. Therefore, those who use data have a competitive advantage.

Current technological trends highlight that data has become the “new oil.” A study by Alteryx in partnership with IDC reveals that 73% of companies anticipate their spending on data analytics will surpass investments in other software in the coming years.

Data Visualization: Turning Data into Stories

Before delving into specific tools like Power BI, it is crucial to understand the importance of data visualization.

At its core, Data Visualization transforms raw numbers into visual graphs. It’s a fundamental discipline within the universe of Data Analytics.

It is the means by which raw numbers and data are translated into understandable graphs, tables, and dashboards, facilitating interpretation and offering clear and understandable insights.

Data Visualization can reveal patterns, trends, and correlations that might go unnoticed in text spreadsheets.

Thus, it allows decision-makers to quickly understand what the data is saying and make information-based decisions.

Furthermore, companies that master the art and science of data visualization tend to communicate more effectively with their stakeholders, whether internal or external.

Power BI: A Revolutionary Tool

What is Power BI? It’s a Microsoft solution that allows for interactive data visualization with a simple interface. But not just that.

Power BI offers features like:

  • Easy integration with multiple sources.
  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Dynamic and interactive visualizations. When it comes to intuitive and efficient data visualization, Microsoft’s Power BI is the reference.

This tool not only provides a user-friendly interface but also easily integrates with various sources, allows for custom-made dashboards, and offers visualizations that are truly dynamic and interactive.

The Symbiosis between Data Analytics and Power BI

Data Analytics provides insights. However, Power BI makes these insights accessible and understandable.

Together, they enable a data-driven approach, ensuring more accurate decisions.

Before entering Power BI’s visual world, there’s a vast universe of raw data. These data can come from various sources: databases, spreadsheets, social media streams, among others.

Data Analytics acts in this initial phase, processing and analyzing these data, extracting valuable information, and identifying patterns, trends, and anomalies.

After the data is analyzed, the challenge is to present it in a way that makes sense to decision-makers.

This is where Power BI comes into play. It transforms these analytical insights into visual representations, whether graphs, tables, maps, or interactive dashboards.

In addition, Power BI can integrate data from various areas of the company, providing a more complete view of the organization’s real scenario.

Power BI Consultancy: Why and When to Hire?

The universe of data analytics has become fundamental in virtually all areas of modern business.

However, to truly reap the benefits of this new golden age of data, it is essential not only to have access to the right tools, like Power BI, but also to understand how to use them effectively.

Expertise is crucial when it comes to data analysis. Thus, a specialized Power BI consultancy, like Briteris, can be the difference between superficial insights and deep analysis.

The Differentiators of Briteris in Power BI Consultancy

Within the Data Analytics segment, Briteris positions itself as a reference, solidified by its extensive experience and ability to optimize complex processes.

Regarding Power BI, an important tool in this solution, their approach is practical and efficient.

The tool, known for its robustness, is enhanced under Briteris’s expertise, ensuring precise and agile data management.

Why choose Briteris? The answer lies in three pillars:

  • Deep Knowledge: Briteris has a specialized team, ensuring a flawless implementation of Power BI.
  • Customized Approach: Each company is unique. Therefore, Briteris offers solutions tailored to each client.
  • Continuous Support: The partnership with Briteris does not end after implementation. We offer ongoing support, ensuring companies get the most out of Power BI.

The current scenario demands a data-driven approach. With the combination of Data Analytics and Power BI, and with the support of a specialized consultancy like Briteris, companies are ready to face the challenges of the future.

Is your company ready to take this step?

Talk to an expert.

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