Business Hacking
21 Nov 22 1 min reading
Business Hacking
21 Nov 22 1 min reading
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How Can Managed Services Solve your Organization’s IT Problems?

With technology continuously evolving at a breakneck pace, businesses face the challenge of keeping their IT departments updated and working efficiently to meet all existing demands.

What is the best way to focus on what really matters? In the digital acceleration and transformation context, Managed Services have become a viable alternative to meet the high demand levels related to the management of cloud infrastructures, applications and data workloads, eliminating the need of an in-house IT structure.

But how can Managed Services – the practice of outsourcing and managing services responsible for maintaining and anticipating a number of processes and optimizing functions – improve operations and reduce costs?

Managed Services can have a positive impact on business processes, such as:

IT teams focused on more strategic demands

In nearly all companies, IT teams eventually have to dedicate efforts to solving technical problems. By contracting a Managed Service provider, organizations are able to leverage the expertise of specialists in projects that add much more value to their businesses.


The outsourcing of services with state-of-the-art technology allows the deployment of innovative IT solutions. Relying on technically specialized and highly skilled engineers, for example, opens up opportunities to adopt emerging technologies.


The digital transformation has allowed organizations to grow significantly, often in an unexpected way and in very little time. As a result, planning, deploying and managing IT solutions can be complex and expensive.

There is another aspect mainly when it comes to e-commerce businesses that need a more efficient IT management in celebration dates or companies in other industries that need to improve the management of IT solutions for specific projects.

Managed Services operations facilitate the daily work by adjusting outsourced services to the existing demands.

  • Suitable management and more assertive decision taking
  • Managed Services operations follow activities more closely and, therefore, provide organizations with detailed reports on their specific interests, making the decision taking more strategic and delegating the responsibility of managing all activities to the provider.

The benefits above are highlighted by Briteris’ customers that use our Managed Services, an excellent alternative to maximize the return on IT investments, improve the operation performance and have more efficient IT departments. Visit our site to learn more about Briteris’ solutions.

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