BI/DATA Analytics

With the advent of Big Data and the increasing complexity and competitiveness of the market, data is becoming increasingly valuable to companies in many occupation areas. However, more than capturing the data, it is primordial to understand them and adopt them when defining strategies and managing companies. By collecting and analyzing data from disparate platforms, it’s possible to produce extremely assertive information.

Iteris specializes in building business intelligence, data analytics or business discovery solutions using proven methodologies. Our experience of tens of thousands of consulting hours in this type of solution considers several factors and the moment of each client to indicate the best technologies and approaches, aiming to serve them prioritizing cost-benefit allied to the evolution strategy of the solution.

Development of projects from the definition of the architecture and tools, through analysis of indicators, data modeling, ETL, construction of dashboards, analytical visions and reports. Count on our experience!

The right information, in the right form, for the right person

While executives'demands are focused on consolidated performance indicators, business analysts and managers seek more flexible solutions with exploratory capacity or managerial reports that explain the indicators presented to the upper levels of organizations and enable the identification of route deviations, opportunities improvement, among others. Operational users are guided primarily by reports that support the monitoring of their daily activities and objectives.

Turn your data into competitive opportunity with our BI solutions!


Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Our mission is to deliver knowledge to our customers, guiding smarter decisions and actions and identifying new business opportunities.

  • What is Big Data? What is the difference versus BI? Learn and do it with someone who knows.
  • Human Resources. Take a leap of competence and improve the quality of your relationship with your employees.
  • Industry 4.0, real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance. Collect, process, analyze and understand the entire production chain, obtain maximum productivity.
  • Market and demand growth projection. Organic growth alone is not enough, have the best demand predictability.
  • Understand your customers. Find out what they crave and what they expect from you. Take your relationship to a new level.
  • Predictive medical diagnosis and risk classification of patients? With predictive medicine it is possible to improve everyone's quality of life.
Power BI

Am I ready for Power BI? How to begin?

  • Go from raw data to rich insights in minutes.
  • Your company in your hands. Any information, any way, anywhere.
  • Combine Power BI with the best information storage and processing platforms, whether BI or Big Data.
  • Use the best data visualization practices in the market. Boost business analytics by combining the power of Power BI with PowerApps.
  • Simple migration from Excel to Power BI will not solve all my problems.

Be served by a company that specializes in analytics, not just on a single platform.

  • Use the full potential of the platform. For any need, a powerful corporate analytics platform. Self-service, guided analysis, embedded solutions, mobility and Office reports.
  • Should I centralize my company's information on the platform? How to prepare it for self-service? The main differential of a team with complete skills in analytics. Combine Qlik with the best information storage and processing platforms, whether BI or Big Data.
  • Transform information into beautiful insights. Use the best data visualization practices in the market. Keep it simple!