CAP Workflow at Votorantim Energia

Votorantim Energia, one of the leading energy companies in Brazil, is investing in technology as an ally in the search for team productivity and the payment system. In this direction, the company implemented the CAP Workflow solution, from Iteris, in order to monitor the arrival and payment of invoices from suppliers. The company identified the need to automate the existing Back Office Financial process and implement a web application that would support this area and control the workflow of this operation covering all internal sectors.

Before we implemented CAP Workflow, the receipts were received by the areas, it was controlled by a corporate email box, which created difficulty in controlling / processing. In addition, we didn’t have all the necessary information and, often, not even the purchase order number, which meant that the receiving area did not have 100% control in the receipts of the invoices and, consequently, of the payments", explains Anselmo Garcia, IT manager at Votorantim Energia.

Main challenge

Every month, Votorantim Energia records the average entry of 2,500 invoices, and the rate of delays in processing the receipts was high. With the implementation of CAP Workflow, in eight months the company has already registered a significant reduction in the processing delay of the invoices received, in addition to a drastic reduction in the payment of fines due to this delay.

Used by all 17 Votorantim Energia’ installations for paying all kinds of providers – office supplies, machines and equipments, among others -, CAP Workflow serves all areas of the company - Human Resources, Communication, Sales, Marketing, IT, etc. - providing greater control in the process of receiving invoices.


With the automation of this process, today, we have been able to pay within the stipulated deadlines, besides monitoring possible problems. With CAP Workflow it is possible to monitor what has not been paid for, for how long and at what moment the problem happened and, knowing this, to take the appropriate measures in order to remedy the problem, " says Anselmo Garcia.


From the deployment of CAP Workflow, it was possible to optimize the time of the accounts payable team, which allowed professionals to increase productivity and assertiveness in the process of receiving invoices and accounts payable.

Another important result was the drastic reduction in the payment of fines for late payment, since the execution of the work became more assertive.

In view of the results achieved so far, Votorantim Energia plans to expand the use of CAP Workflow for the Facilities and Utilities area (fleet maintenance, building, among other activities) to control and monitor the opening and closing of calls in this area.