CAP Workflow at Votorantim Energia

With the automation of this process, today, we have been able to pay within the stipulated deadlines, besides monitoring possible problems. With CAP Workflow it is possible to monitor what has not been paid for, for how long and at what moment the problem happened and, knowing this, to take the appropriate measures in order to remedy the problem

Anselmo Garcia

IT Manager at Votorantim Energia

New Biosev Intranet

After a diagnosis of use made by Punto and Iteris, the new intranet was adapted to our needsand today, the network works not only as a page of consultation and services of the company, but to assist in the work of the areas.

Mara Pinheiro

Manager of communication and social responsibility of Biosev

2014 World Cup Portal

Due to the excellent performance and practicality of the site, this has become one of the main communication channels of the government, enabling and facilitating the daily posting of heavy content, such as high quality videos, dozens of news a day, constant updating of images, news and Highlights of the World Cup and infrastructure works. By developing an easy-to-use website and creating a portal with numerous content storage frameworks, Iteris met the customer's expectations by achieving the proposed goals.

Industrial Logistics Raízen

With the implanted project, the immediately perceived benefit was The optimization of the time of availability of the indicators. Before the reports took a week to be generated, Passing now for a few hours. Enabling quick Identification of conflicts, consequently the decision-making process Happens more agile.


A decisão de optar pelo CAP foi pela praticidade que nós tivemos e expandir a criação de workflows e atender as necessidades do negócio de uma forma rápida.

Carlos Eduardo Masella

Consultor de TI da Fibria