The Media industry has undergone a real business model transformation, not only due to the emergence of new communication platforms, but also due to new models, communication patterns and audience behavior.

Platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ have been responsible for completely changing the industry and increasing competitiveness, while submitting players to a true technological race toward digital transformation.

Therefore, those who want to stand out in the Media industry need to invest in digital transformation: smart solutions to optimize productivity, improve the campaign reach, better understand the consumer behavior and accelerate product disclosure.

Improving processes and innovating

Briteris has helped large media companies to create innovative solutions that optimize various day-to-day tasks and bring them closer to consumers. Based on customized tools, we improve contacts and operations, helping our customers to have more agility and efficiency in such a competitive market. When investing in our solutions, their count on several benefits, such as:

  • Development of mobile applications for relationships with agencies and advertisers.
  • Reporting platforms that integrate sales and marketing areas.
  • Integration among systems and CRM.
  • Customer behavior analysis using with AI and ML.
  • Big Data applied to social networks for analysis of interaction s with our customer brand.

In addition, we modernize our customer infrastructure to ensure continuous business and access to the most innovative IT solutions.

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