Consumer Goods

With a very large and competitive market, the Consumer Goods industry is extremely complex and requires a careful approach. Ranging from raw material purchase to final consumer experience, technology is present and can be seen as a key factor of differentiation and competitive advantage.

Digital transformation is the way for companies in this industry to maintain high quality and customer experience, regardless of the relationship or sales channel. And, meeting the consumer demands, the required cost reduction and process optimization may seem impossible, unless these businesses count on innovative and appropriate tools.

Facilitating distributor, retailer and end consumer access to consistent and up-to-date information available and Agile and cost efficient tools on all platforms is crucial for this industry. In addition, having a partner with experience in digital transformation process has become critical.

Optimizing costs and speeding up processes

Above all, Briteris works focused on our customers' challenges. We develop solutions according to their features and demands and leverage our experience in the consumer goods industry to optimize processes and innovate. In this way, we can help our customers by creating customized technological solutions, such as:

  • Integration with e-commerce.
  • Implementation and omnichannel projects.
  • Customized service based on AI and ML.
  • Systems for loyalty programs.
  • Mobile applications for internal controls and interaction with customers.
  • Systems to improve inventory and demand control.
  • Lead generation reporting.
  • Market trend analysis and forecast using predictive modeling techniques.
  • Increased marketing campaigns effectiveness.
  • Ingestion of social media through Big Data.
  • Market segmentation and competitive analysis.
  • More precise definition of target audience.
  • Use of AI to identify customer behavior and consumption patterns.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) - optimization of production and distribution processes.

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